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The Butler's Butler. Part 2.

So how does Magnums Academy prepare butlers for the rigours of modern day butlering and what advice can be given? –

Josephine Ive

Firstly, butlers are expected to fulfill all demands as best as possible, no matter how eccentric, peculiar or challenging. If a

guest wants champagne at 1:30 in the morning, a black tie dinner at 5am, a steak sandwich on white bread at midnight or

caviar on white toast for breakfast, then so be it. It’s your job as a butler to organize and deliver, completely without


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The Butler’s Butler. Part 1.

At the top of her profession as a trainer for the worlds elite, Josephine Ive tells us about a life of service and why only your

father would be more trustworthy than the hired help!

When you ‘butle’, your life revolves around your employer or your guest. You get up in the morning way before your guest

or employer is awake, and you are most likely still awake an hour after they have gone to bed.

It is no secret that it is hard work as a butler, there is only one way to make it easier and that is to plan ahead and be well-prepared, that way if something either goes wrong or comes up you are ready to take it in your stride.

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Culinary Arts

Our well-equipped 'Magnums web' kitchen offers you some recipes taken from the extensive and informative Magnums Butlers' Bible.


The following recipes include some of the basic culinary arts taught to butlers who undertake the Magnums Butler Training Course plus some more complex recipes to test your culinary skills.

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The History of Butlers

The word butler comes from the French term for bottler 'bouteiller' but believe it or not the term butler is apparently mentioned in the Bible....according to an old dictionary entry. However, a brief 'glance' through Genesis has as yet not shown the reference to Pharaohs cup being handed by his butler! But probably the more famous references have to go to Jeeves, Hudson and Stevens! All these butlers have, in the true sense of the words, become household names. Their dedication to the cause of effective but unobtrusive service is commendable.

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Hints and Tips


Here are some hints and tips that will assist you in your daily tasks

as a butler, butler valet, concierge or yacht steward/ess.

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