In response to the current challenges, global industry leader Magnums Academy

has set up several tests and refresher tools online.

With significant hits to the hospitality industry in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitality

professionals have been impacted all over the world, many having lost employment and


Professional butlers, valets, superyacht crews, and other members in the luxury service

industry can now take online tests to learn, refresh and stay up-to-date with industry

best practices.

With a recently acquired certificate will be ready to rejoin the workforce or seek advancement

as the world reopens for business. Now that the world has experienced months of social

restrictions, the hospitality industry may head towards a boom as people seek out luxury

experiences and comfort.

So this is a vey exciting and crucial development for you to try.

Each test has been carefully curated to reflect the level you wish to achieve.

Test your Guest Service Knowledge is a good introduction with just 25 multiple choice questions

to get you started, after that there are a number of different levels and categories:

  • 7 Star Service for Butlers Levels 1-5
  • Food and Beverage Service/Housekeeping/Wines/Cocktails/Champagne/Front Office, Health Hygiene + Safety
  • Our own Forbzology based questions/Yacht Service and many more topics.

Test your Guest Service by clicking on this link

We have more assessments coming, just click and enjoy a complimentary certificate from Magnums Academy!