Private Study - Information

How does it work?

By selecting one or more of the topics in the program, students then set their own pace for study. Each module gets sent to the student either via email or post and will have comprehensive notes with instructions and an assignment at the end. The student completes the assignment then returns it to Magnums Butlers for marking. Grades are recorded and marked lesson are returned to the student.


Topics include:

  • Creating and/or lifting the standard to new level of sensitive informed guest service
  • An approach that creates an immediate rapport with guests and enables a seamless service
  • Personal presentation and deportment
  • Etiquette and Manners
  • Preparing for the guest’s arrival
  • Meeting guests at the airport
  • Creating and utilizing opportunities within the hotel guest history program
  • Assessing the guest history and following through to create a real impression on guests
  • Why guests are travelling?
  • How they are travelling and with whom?
  • Where do our guests come from? Different country information
  • Cultural differences and preferences
  • Local familiarization
  • Welcoming and addressing the guest
  • Understanding and anticipating the guests’ needs
  • Creating the right first and lasting impressions to guests.
  • Understanding guests’ moods and emotions
  • Greeting the guests, shaking hands and making appropriate contact
  • Pronouncing the Guest’s Name correctly
  • Handling VIP’s and Royalty.
  • Greetings for different countries
  • Responding effectively to guests needs and requests
  • Conversation openers and making conversation
  • Ensuring effective communication, correct language and phrases for superior guest service
  • How to become good at listening
  • Recognizing the signs: Body Language, Facial Expression, Verbal Tones, Hidden Body Language
  • Entering a guest room or suite
  • Approaching guests
  • How to remember people’s names
  • Correct pronunciation
  • The phonetic alphabet
  • Telephone manners
  • Explaining telephone systems to guests
  • Taking guests’ messages
  • Business center facilities
  • Requests concerning technology
  • The need for a smooth departure. In-room guest check-out
  • Quality Awareness to ensure total guest satisfaction
  • Effective guest suite/villa inspections for quality
  • Accompanying guests to taxis/limousines and hotel restaurants and amenities
  • Understanding Luxury and Wealth
  • Luxury product knowledge
  • Hotel Product Knowledge
  • Assisting guests with dinner reservations within the hotel
  • Luxury Spa knowledge
  • Offering and maintaining a superior standard of service
  • Checking guest satisfaction
  • Delighting the guests
  • Making the guest feel special with innovative ideas to create the ‘wow’ factor

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