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Creating a luxury hospitality service may come with its challenges but it has many rewards, for you and your guests.

Guests who experience a truly individualized standard of service will instantly notice the difference and feel the luxury of your service.  We know and understand that you will want your guests to feel indulged and cherished.


At Magnums with our ‘tried and tested’ methods, we know how to bring out the best in your team and you.  For training to develop and motivate individuals into teams that provide a near-perfect service experience for your guests, Magnums Academy has a new approach. We call it the ‘Magnums Method’.

A training journey that begins with a complimentary assessment and pre-selection of your service assets.The results of this assessment will lead to a curated luxury service program that starts with a pre-learning phase followed by an intensive, practical and effective in-house program. Participants will be fully-equipped with the service skills, foundation knowledge and confidence to put into practice a new level of luxury service, ensuring that each of your guests feels the luxury of truly individualized service.

It’s about seeing your guests as people first…..

to learn more about our newest approach

to Magnums Luxury Service training.


 You can be assured that as a result of Magnums Academy’s 30 years experience of training in luxury guest service 7 Star Service TM, your training for butlers, and all hotel/household team members involved in guest experiences will not only be effective, but create solid teams who perform beyond expectations.

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The Magnums Method

Internationally renowned for our superior luxury service training, Magnums Academy is always staying ahead of the curve anticipating the changing needs of the industry. We are pleased to announce Magnums Method, a new program delivery designed to enhance skills and techniques with a blend of online and classroom studies.

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