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Found the video feedback sessions really valuable. The trainer is very encouraging (and patient!). I now feel super confident to schedule training programs for my team, hopefully, more effectively! Thanks again.

Cindy – F & B trainer

Thank you, Miss, Ive, for a fun program that gave some seriously good teaching! Merci!

Komang, French-speaking- Guest Service Supervisor

Josephine was amazing, her passion and experience are admirable. Using my ‘stories’ and these new techniques is now part of my training sessions..

Anya – Chief Stewardesss

Thank you, Miss Josephine, my brain is now full of ideas to create more short training sessions to improve our service based on existing standards, Great program

Albert – General Manager

This program was much more intensive than I expected, I was very nervous to do a presentation, but now feel happier that I can start to deliver good training sessions.

Andy – Club Supervisor

This PULSE TTT program really boosted my confidence and motivation. I would recommend it to anyone who is nervous about giving training. Brilliant content, love the style.

Helena – Lead Superyacht Stewardess

This PULSE trainer training program has increased my confidence 10 times, thank you.

Su - Executive Housekeeper.

Josephine Ive imparted such good skills and advice I immediately felt more comfortable standing up in front of a group of my colleagues.

Simon – Club Supervisor

This course gave me a chance to refresh my skills and think about how to properly train my colleagues.

Melvin – Butler Co-ordinator

Aside from all the wisdom from Miss Ive, this course has greatly helped my Leadership Skills as well as how I approach training my team.

Albert – Butler Supe4rvisor

This program taught me how to identify short training topics so that as Quality Ambassador I feel better equipped to create clear and interesting training for my team. Thank you, Miss Ive.

Nicolai – Head Butler

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