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Internationally renowned for our superior luxury service training, Magnums Academy is always staying ahead of the curve anticipating the changing needs of the industry. We are pleased to announce the Magnums Method, a rigorous and thorough new program delivery designed to enrich and empower prospective luxury service professionals


An outstanding opportunity for superior 7 Star Service for Butlers training

The Magnums Method brings the training of 7-star Butler service (Luxury Yacht Service) to a different level by harnessing the benefits and advantages of remote online learning through self-study and Face2Face sessions. Based on the student or client’s requirements, the course typically lasts from 5 to 8 weeks. Every student will be individually assessed and tested to follow a tailored program.


Students will receive a series of Digital Learning Boxes (DLB) throughout the scheduled days with access to materials such as handbooks, online videos, projects, and assignments covering the theory aspect of the 10 Magnums Academy Butler Service modules.


Training areas include grooming, food service, wine and beverages, etiquette, protocol, front office, guest service, housekeeping, valeting skills, administration and more. See downloadable digital brochure for more details.


At the end of each module DLB, students will be evaluated based on their feedback and completed assignments. According to these results, students may be encouraged to revisit certain modules to build on their strengths or address areas of weakness.


The path to full Magnums accreditation

After the theory has been studied, an interim certificate will be issued to students. Full Magnums certification will only be awarded based on their performance on the final online examination and or an in-person assessment by Magnums Academy.


Josephine Ive, Director and Principal Trainer at Magnums Academy, or one of Magnums well-qualified team of trainers, will personally guide students through practical projects via Zoom, Skype or Webex conferencing. Throughout these intensive sessions students will expected to participate in online lectures, demonstrations, feedback and discussions.


New format, added benefits

To owners and management of elite hotels and luxury yachts, Magnums Method provides your service personnel with full, but a blended online training without the high costs of lengthy in-house training. Greater skills coverage can be achieved by student self-study offering flexibility without taking staff off the floor or disrupting rostering through this blended method of learning experience.


To individual students requiring a refresher course or learning new skills, the Magnums Method allows you to learn at your own pace on your own device while maintaining a connection to the trainers. You also get to revisit the modules and resources as often as you like for deeper understanding.


World-class luxury service training for 30 years

Magnums Academy continues to be the standard bearer and our acclaimed training and coveted certification is held in the highest regard. Graduates of our comprehensive programs are not only recognized by the superior proficiency in service techniques, but also their commitment, attitude, energy, etiquette and discretion.


For more information on the new Magnums Method, contact Josephine Ive on:


Mobile: +61 419 533 834

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