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Magnums Academy has always aimed to set a new standard for professionalism in butler

service but now adds a whole new dimension with their latest recognition awards taking our range of talent achievement to new levels of 7 STAR SERVICETM

Mr Hussain Khan - Valley Wing Shangri - La Singapore

- November 2018

Jamilah Binti Jamaludin - Crockfords Genting Resorts,

Malaysia. - March 2019


Shahnum Bin Mohd Salleh - Crockfords Genting Resorts, Malaysia

- March 2019

Santhakumar A/L James Selvakumaran - Crockfords Genting Resorts, Malaysia - March 2019

Raymond R. Macalalad - Solaire Resort, Manila, Philippines

- July 2022

DIAMOND first introduced in 2018, is for those butlers who have achieved either Gold and/or Crystal Gold or has demonstrated their ongoing skill, commitment and expertise in Luxury Service along with supreme standards in directing a full butler service

Magnums Academy first introduced its ‘lapel pin‘ accredited system in 2002 and slowly it has grown in both recognition and integrity from just one black and gold lapel pin to 7 pins, shortly to increase by another 2 pins. Our training - 7 Star ServiceTM for Butlers along with other training, offers tiers for achievement 7 Star Service, Bronze, Silver and Gold, Crystal Gold, Quality Ambassador (aka) Train the Trainer and Diamond. Only recently in 2022, Magnums Academy introduced its Crystal Gold for butlers who have held the Gold tier for a minimum of 3 years and demonstrated maintaining the GOLD standards. To further explain our system, all students undergo rigorous assessments during the programs and a formal examination at the end of each program, to achieve each level. With a series of set pass grades, certificates and lapel pins are awarded accordingly.


Gautam A. Nayak - Burj Al Arab, Dubai, UAE

- September 2022

The lapel pins are quality-material pins that not only enhance the student’s uniform but more importantly create a level of competitiveness in participants that encourages them, through motivated self-development to advance their skills. The certificates are both digital and printed versions on high-quality gold embossed vellum paper. Additionally, MAGNUMS ACADEMY has found that talent loyalty has improved considerably and in some instances, clients report that their teams approach the Learning and Development office for further training and advancement to gain the next level of 7 Star Service. We are looking forward to congratulating your team, cheers!

We shall be announcing our newest DIAMOND level Chief Butler recipient shortly!

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