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As butlers, we are asked, countless times, questions that our principals / guests feel we should be able to answer on the spot and be 100% correct.  Yes? No? Regardless, it happens and there are times we don’t have the answers and must say we will find the answer!


Yes, there is our dear friend Google and other search engines but sometimes the answer can only come from someone who has been in our shoes and understands, or stands on, the same ground as us.


We, at Magnums Academy, understand and completely relate to those bewildering questions and also, just needing an understanding ear to voice what is going on and what we’re attempting to solve and complete.

We’re implementing a new program called “Ask the Butler.” What is that? Defining that is a difficult undertaking so we’ll list a few things that may come up in your day to day life whether working in a luxury resort / hotel or in a private estate and finding yourself searching for answers or, just needing someone to listen to issues you’re managing. So what might that be? 


Here are a few topics: 

•  Understanding cutlery, stemware and fine china 

• clothing care and organisation 

•  housekeeping management and issues 

•  shoe care and storage 

•  inventory management 

•  etiquette, manners and protocol 

•  emergency preparedness 

•  moving a household 

•  creating a greener household / resort environment 

•  records keeping 

•  managing multiple homes 

•  one of the vehicles won’t start 

•  and, any question that has you perplexed and scratching your head, (though not in front of a guest or principal)


We can schedule a 30 or 60 minute WhatsApp call, or Zoom if preferred, to spend one on one time with you and our Sr Associate Trainer, Mark Johnson, who is based in New Mexico, in the United States.  And, Mr Johnson admits he does not have all the answers but that’s where Magnums Academy stands out with our resources in house and other consultants we have at our fingertips to answer questions.


Encouraged? Curious? Discouraged? Set up a call with us and we’ll do our best to ease your concerns, fears, trepidations or needing just a sympathetic ear; where our promise is “nothing we discuss is ever shared anywhere, anytime or with anyone.”

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Introductory Price is $25 for 30 minutes Consultation

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Mark Johnson

Senior Associate Trainer & Course Advisor, 

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